Forrest J. Morrison

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Forrest J. Morrison
*Subject to Non-Renewal
May 6th – June 3rd, 2017
Artist Statement:
/Subject To Non-Renewal/ is an exploration of contemporary western identity in still life. Borrowing from the western aesthetic and themes, Morrison addresses the commodification of Nature using found and staged natural elements to draw broader metaphors for contemporary cultural norms. In the same way that Morrison’s technical ability allows him to convey depth, detail and light, his wit and confronting nature as an artist allows him to poignantly poke at the consumers and socially obsessed selfie-takers in all of us.
Artist Bio:
Forrest J. Morrison is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist and native Coloradan specializing in project-based, public, and studio arts. Morrison is an outspoken advocate for the arts, serving as Vice President of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe and advisor to Colorado Attorneys For The Arts. Morrison’s artistic practice spans styles including Minimalism, Western, and Realism. His work has been included in numerous group and juried exhibitions, and has been featured in Denver Post, Modern In Denver Magazine, Black & White Magazine, and PX3 Paris, France. His recent public works include mural commissions for Denver Arts & Venues, Denver Housing Authority, and the Curtis Hotel.
Photo Credit: Amanda Tipton