Mighty Little Leon: Denver gallery is a crucial piece of art ecosystem.

The Denver Post – Ray Rinaldi, Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Art is alive and well at Denver’s Leon Gallery. The small, storefront space in the city’s Uptown neighborhood has a unique and appealing way of doing business. One month it will show a star, such as Diego Rodriguez-Warner or Laura Shill, and the next month deliver a complete surprise by giving a promising newcomer a platform.

Leon treats them all equally, and that gives it an important place in the region’s art eco-system. Artists get a lot of freedom to transform the space, and the risks usually — but not always — pay off. There’s just enough unpredictability to keep things interesting.

The other key to its success is director Eric Nord, who has been there since 2014 and ushered Leon through the ups and downs that all small galleries have to endure to survive. We asked him a few questions.

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