Leon’s Garden – Eric R. Dallimore

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Opening Reception: February 1st, 2013

Exhibition: February 1st – March 2nd, 2013



Owner and Curator of Leon, Eric Robert Dallimore will show five new sculptural installations which focus primarily on utilizing Pine Beetle Kill wood, with accents of moss, and temples of glass.  These living materials will come together to create self-contained worlds that mysteriously communicate with their outer surroundings.  With an emphasis of dignity on form, these massive sculptures will transform the 1,000 square foot interior of Leon art gallery into an interior sculpture garden.

Working with beetle kill trees, Eric will create 5 site specific sculptural installations that have a profound connection with wooded environment from which it has come; causing the viewer to contemplate and understand their role in climate change and inspire the viewer to actively participate in creating solutions.  The wood in these sculptures will have their own story to tell:  some as guardians, others as deceased trees, seemingly on view during a burial ceremony.  These sculptures both tell the tale of loss and of positive possibilities for the future, recognizing the epidemic that faces Colorado and our nation’s forests, while offering a narrative of utilization of this precious resource.  In this body of work, it is evident that Dallimore reveres and appreciates trees as much, if not more, than any other living creature. 

Eric has allowed the wood to speak for itself, but he is clearly a guardian of the forests. 

Photography: Eric R. Dallimore