Perilism – Diego Rodriguez-Warner

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Diego Rodriguez-Warner: Perilism

Opening Reception: August 10th, 2013 7-10pm

Exhibition: August 10th-September 8th, 2013


I tear things apart and put them back together. This is how I eventually come to an understanding of them. My father was a Marxist revolutionary from Nicaragua and my mother was raised Quaker in Colorado. As a result, I grew up trying to find a place for myself between contradicting positions, trying to make connections in order to come to an understanding of how things fit. Through a constant internal argument, a twisting, stretching, bonding and breaking a new vantage reveals itself; I work toward old ideas seen in a new way.

I have always been attracted to images of violence while in the same breath being fully aware of its implications and repercussions. The work deals with a deep seeded horror at the monotonous litany of examples (both egregious and mundane) of inhumanity and callousness, and my inability to look away. Our enlightened, civilized state and our hypnotic attention to spectacle. Super bright, often bawdy naive colors make them childishly appealing. Through a wide constellation of prints, paintings, sculptures, and photographs I hope to in some way implicate the viewer while simultaneously seducing them. To make things that are more beautiful than they have any right to be.

I make art for the same reason I have done most things in my life; that is to learn. Through the work I attempt to reconcile paradox, to come to peace with contradiction.