Tya Alisa Anthony

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March 11th – April 8th, 2017

A MoP Featured Exhibition

SKINs, is an photographic exploration of the complexities of American Culture in the 21st Century. The idealization of the body is examined physically and metaphorically through play, lighting and process. Inspired by organic colors and textures that environmental weathering create during the aging process, gender, career, culture, ethnicity, age and class all disappear revealing the one constant, autonomy.

Tya Alisa Anthony is afine artistexploring identity through photography + mixed media. Anthony received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2015, honored as Valedictorian, from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. Her collected, altered and own photographs are confronted as aesthetically resilient & thematically interrelated material. Anthony is currently investigating the effects of time, loss & the human condition. With the aid of analogue photography combined with current digital technology, Tya Alisa Anthony approaches a wide scale of social, political and environmental subjects. Presently, Anthony lives and works in the city of Denver, producing photography editorials & fine art installations for both commissions and exhibition.

Anthony’s use of costuming communicates a vision of an imagined self. Her self-portraits reflect and evolution of cultural beliefs enhanced by mythology, cinema, culture and Art History.  Anthony is often inspired by childhood memories and her extensive imagination.

In collaboration with phenomenal artist, Thomas “Detour” Evans, and Dr Paul Hamilton of Denver CO,  Anthonycontributed photographic and documentary work to They Still Live, an exploration of the African Diaspora in the Western World. Each African American participant received a genetic DNA test to gather and reveal their detailed heritage information. The outcome of genetic testing was followed by a PBS documentary and an exhibit held at Redline Art Center of Denver.

As a developing documentary producer herself, Anthony has collaborated with natural lifestyle contributors, Colorado Urban Naturals, creating The Art of Being Natural. Participants living organically through nutrition and personal hair style were photographed and interviewed expressing their chosen lifestyle of refraining from the use of dangerous, yet common, chemicals, products and processed foods.

“I create visual personifications of identity narratives through photography, drawing and mixed media.  I explore the gaps of knowledge of my own heritage with vivid imagery addressing a once declared chameleon identity.  I compile diverse narratives to explore the idea of multiplicity and the OTHER.  I have found through experimentation and exploration, the foundation of individuality remains the same. I further investigate variations and manipulation of Identity by studying belief structures, an individual’s formative years, familial influence and origin. Inevitably, our environment and these imposed structures inform our identity. I am most interested in metaphoric masks worn as protection and representation of Identity”

In 2011, Anthony, released a coffee table book entitled “Her Art & Soul” accompanied by solo Photography exhibit, “Dark to Light: Being Human,” A Black and White Multi Media portrait collection, hosted by The Living Well of Baltimore MD.

Photo Credit (installation shots) Amanda Tipton


13 X 19 (open edition) $200

18 X 24 (open edition) $325

24 X 36 (edition of 30) $500

36 X 48 (edition of 15) $750

48 x 72 (edition of 5) $1200

Canvases $600