Nothing is Yours to Keep – Travis Hetman

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Opening Reception: August 2nd, 2014

Exhibition: August 2nd-August 31st, 2014

Instagram: @travishetman

As We See It. -Curator’s Notes

Photography by Amanda Tipton

Nothing is Yours to Keep explores the under-the-surface realities of who we really are. This body of work, created using graphite, acrylic, spray paint, and found photographs, sets out to deconstruct and perhaps even playfully attack the powerful notion that we are an ego locked up in a bag of bones, quite separate from the external world. It works instead toward visualizing a more interconnected concept of identity, which involves everything all at once. Navigating between meaning and meaninglessness in this new concept of what it means to be an “I”, there is of course always plenty of room for chuckle at the absurdity and beauty of it all.
This show will consist of site-specific installations and 2D work. The centerpiece of this show is a cluster of hundreds of images coordinated and created by Hetman. This cluster serves as a metaphor and the culmination of the idea that what seems like individual pieces (i.e. our personal identities and the “stuff” we seem to be surrounded by) is on some level one interconnected reality.
Travis Hetman grew up in Minnesota, enjoying the great northern wilderness and the mighty Mississippi. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota in 2007.
While studying art he also played in the Minneapolis-based band, A Night In the Box. Touring brought him through Denver where he eventually settled in to a new home in the fall of 2012. Delighted by the welcoming energy of the Denver art scene, Travis has shown his work at several coffee shops and various galleries throughout Denver. Working primarily with drawing, painting and mixed media, his work juxtaposes the abstract and representational to explore largely existential themes.
Apart from solo efforts in visual art, Travis is the co-founder and lead artist at Boxwood Pinball, a handmade art-pinball company here in Denver. He also works collaboratively with his wife, Anna Hetman, to produce art, crafted goods and curiosities under the alias “Lost Champions,” and plays banjo in the local folk outfit, The Hooks and The Hollows.