Come Dig the Essence – Matt Scobey

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 Matt Scobey

Opening Reception: August 28th, 2015 , 7-11pm

Exhibition: August 28th – September 26th, 2015

Artist Statement:

A New collection of sculptures, objects, and prototypes exploring Form, Process, Readymade, and Assemblage by Matt Scobey.

‘Come Dig the Essence’ is a continuation of studio experiments in form and material. Each object has been monocast utilizing various form processes resulting in a site specific installation that is somehow foreign yet familiar.

“I believe that we all have an experience, perspective, compulsion, way of thinking, seeing or feeling that is unique and beautiful. When we are able to share these experiences with each other our community collectively grows happier, smarter, stronger, and healthier. Ideas of soul, spirit, growth, love and what is essential were all very present during the design and fabrication of these objects and the exhibition in general”

About the Artist:

Matt Scobey is the founder of Formal Alchemy, a process driven Design and Fabrication studio. He has recently finished a series of residencies in collaboration with Biennial of the Americas, SOMA Mexico, Art-Plant and Dateline gallery. Matt Scobey draws on a range of influences and interests, Pop-Surrealism, Memphis School, Neo Eclectic Design, Proun, Readymade, and Assemblage. His interest in space, form, context and economy often manifest in murals, installation, design, performance, and sculpture. The work reflects less of a personal observation as it offers a bizarre mirrored reflection of our own society. He is currently working primarily with concrete. Developing a process referred to as “readymade form” which utilizes found object as form for mono cast sculptural works, installations, and performances that explore ideas of form and collective memory. His experience has been gained through residencies, internships, exhibitions, jobs, and self-initiated projects. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions at Rhinoceropolis, Denver Art Museum, MCA Denver, Pirate Gallery, Denver Arts and Venues, Denver International Airport, Redline, RMCAD, SuperOrdinary Gallery, and Pawn Works Gallery.

Photography by Amanda Tipton