Beautiful Pornography – Scott Barman

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Scott Barman

Exhibition: February 20th – March 29th, 2015

Artist Statement:

Scott D. Barman – HSYR – is an artist whose vision is to accentuate the natural form and beauty of women and men through the use of film photography and minimal interference portraiture. Finding inspiration through the everyday interactions of humans, blink-and-you-miss-it moments, and his own personal depression and anxiety, Scott explores who we are when we shed away who we try to be and what happens when more is spoken through our body language than through our words. What may be seen as a random or even chaotic moment during his photographic sessions result in a surprisingly calm, serene aesthetic. Scott encourages his models to move freely so that he may experience who they are as individuals, thus capturing their true essence.

About the Artist:

Scott D. Barman, also known as HSYR, is an artist originally from New York who has been living in Denver, Colorado for the past five years creating photographic portraits of all those who enter into his life by chance.

Photography has always been a part of Scott’s life, starting with the theft of a Polaroid 600 camera from a yard sale at a young age. Peering through the narrow viewfinder taught him that there is more to the world than what we see and that by changing your perspective the world becomes infinite. However, the world often has a narrow perspective, as demonstrated by his multiple expulsions from art school due to differences in artistic acceptance with the human body. Overcoming depression, anxiety, and crippling self-doubt has led Scott to a sense of clarity and a newfound drive to publicly share his art regardless of society’s creative discrimination and the apparent disapproval of the skin we all live in.

Though the aesthetic of Scott’s art has changed throughout the years, one detail has remained constant: his raw ability to honestly portray those who stand in front of the camera’s lens utilizing film photography. The collection has grown into the body of work now known as BEAUTIFUL PORNOGRAPHY