Swells – Brittany Gould

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Brittany Gould
Exhibition: April 4th – May 3rd, 2015

Artist Statement:

Nothing subjective is constant. Like a body of water, what I think I understand about myself and about my life is in constant flux. Feelings about myself in the world, rise, ebb and morph like swells in the sea. Sometimes it feels like there is an ocean inside of my stomach, and sometimes it feels like just a stomach.

It is a strange feeling to feel connected with the universe around me and still so alone and uncertain. Swells is about this feeling. Letting being be. Like floating in water, to feel so a part of it, because it moves me how it moves, but no matter how it carries me, I will never be water.

I am drawn to the swells of water. Drawn to the movements of waveforms. They follow universal rules but they don’t seem to. They seem to have a will of their own. Water makes it seem as if one can hold power over it because it is so easy to handle, but one cannot. It just goes.

My work is like this. I assert myself onto the material, but in a way I let it move me too.

I am drawn to certain kind of materials. The feel. The texture. Lead: Dangerous, heavy, but malleable. Gives in easily. Paper: Easy to mar, velvety; toothed. Light: Bendable, warm, cold, harsh, soft. They can be so many things, I enjoy finding out what they could be. In the end though, they can only be what they are, and I try not to worry about it so much.

About the Artist:

Recently I moved from Denver, Colorado to Berlin, Germany. I am lucky to make art for a living.

Photography by Amanda Tipton