10 Photographers to Catch Before Month of Photography ends

303 Magazine | 03/22/2019

At first in his career, Jeff Davenport focused on the Denver music scene, after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with film and art history degrees. He was a member of local bands Ending People, Dust on the Breakers, D.Biddle, Porlolo and Meese, as well as hosting a local radio show, Shakedown Radio 1190. However, in 2016 he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of photography.

Photo by Jeff Davenport

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Twenty Must-See Month of Photography Shows

Westword | 03/08/2019

Los Angeleno Jeff Davenport photographs cityscapes, neighborhoods and portraits both in daylight and in unlit darkness in his practice, but he sticks to the latter for Nights, an after-dark poem to the magic of moonlight and city glow.

Photo Jeff Davenport

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Gallery Picks: Twenty Things to Do for First Friday

Westword | 1/30/2019

Jamie M. Lynn and Schoph Schofield, who work in collaboration under the moniker 1910, came together as a team at the intersection of art and the snowboarding universe to create wall- and mural-sized mashups of their individual gear-art styles. Leon turns over gallery space to the duo for a display of original collaborations and prints.

Photo courtesy of 1910: Schoph + Jamie Lynn

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Denver Artists to Watch in 2019

303 Magazine | 1/15/2019

Tsogo is a first-generation Mongolian-American immigrant, meaning she was born in Mongolia, raised in Hungary until the age of eight and then moved with her family to the US. According to Tsogo, she is “the only actively practicing Mongolian-American woman artist in America” — she is also a DACA recipient. Over the last few years, Tsogo has been quietly working behind the scenes of the Denver art community, bringing to life several projects that revolve around immigrant rights, sexual abuse survivors and the plight of being a woman of color.

Photo by Cori Anderson

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