Jullian Young – Entangled // Embodied

Date: June 26, 2021

Time: 6:00 - 11:00PM

Location: Leon

MFA Exhibition – Saturday, June 26th through Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

Artist Statement:

entangled // embodied investigates the tangible relationships humans share with their immediate natural surroundings mitigated through the intangible lens of memory. The visuals throughout this series of works contemplate the nature of local versus global connections. In particular,  the reflection of intimate interconnectedness is derived from the artist’s connection to the trees that once stood in front of her childhood home, the processing of grief when those trees contracted disease and were removed, and the larger global implications of mass deforestation, and how this destruction impacts our ability to breathe comfortably. The show utilizes digitally fabricated ceramics, projection mapped video art, site specific installation, 3D scanning and animation, and augmented reality.

Artists Bio:

Jullian Young is an artist based in Denver, Colorado where she has just completed her MFA in Emergent Digital Practices. She works with various tools including 3D modeling and digital fabrication, data visualization, interactive technologies, algorithmic processes, animation and techniques in video art. Jullian’s work engages with the critical dialogue surrounding networked systems, and our participation as a species with the environment at large. Her artwork seeks to make connections between ecosystems and organisms that often go unnoticed, and challenge the dynamics of care, control, and power in an interwoven network of creatures that ultimately necessitates balance.



IG: @jullianyoung