bunny M – the butterfly armoire

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Leon is thrilled to welcome back bunny M for their second solo exhibition, ‘the
butterfly armoire’. The exhibition will feature 54 paintings celebrating the beauty of
butterflies and their designation as symbols of the psyche. 50 of the paintings will have
a corresponding 1/1 nft. The physical paintings, as well as the nfts, can be purchased
independently but are offered at a discount when a bonded pair is kept together.

The following week, on Thursday, October 20th, Leon will be hosting an nft workshop
with IndieDAO (indiedao.xyz), a collective of tech aficionados who offer professional
services for app design, development, illustration, NFT projects and much more. The
evening will feature a discussion on the real potential for nfts within the art market, and
a walkthrough of instructions explaining how collectors new to nfts can set up their
own online wallet and begin collecting.

You can browse the available NFTs on OpenSea by clicking here

Artist Bio:
bunny M is a painter, fine artist, and muralist. An enduring figure in urban art, M’s
paintings have been featured in numerous art books, publications, galleries, and on
walls both domestically and abroad for over 13 years.

Artist Statement:
‘the butterfly armoire’ is inspired by an innocent childhood memory about trying to own
beauty itself and unintentionally destroying it instead.


image credit: Amanda Tipton Photography