As the Road is Long – Sarah Law

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Opening Reception: March 8th, 2014 7-12pm

Exhibition: March 8th-April 6th, 2014


“Several years ago, while shooting a wedding, I had the lovely good fortune to meet a touring band who had flown in to play for the celebration. The day changed the direction of my photography and my life. We stayed in touch and a couple months later I found myself in Washington, D.C. in a studio as the band These United States recorded an album called Everything Touches Everything. It was a brand new experience for me and, as it turned out, one I loved. I spent the next several years touring with TUS and working with many other wildly talented and amazing folks such as Denver locals Paper Bird and The Lumineers; as well as Ben Kweller, The Mynabirds, Y La Bamba, Vandaveer, The Head and The Heart, Rubblebucket and many more bands it’s possible you’ve never heard of, but should love with all your heart. 

It is a world that few people get to experience. It is magical and exhausting and inspiring and gratifying. It is long days, lengthy drives and late nights with little rest. Hours are spent in vans and buses traveling highways and side roads to arrive in time to grab a quick bite, check emails, run through a few songs for sound-check, grab a quick nap and try to catch up on everything you have left behind at home. It means spending 24 hours a day with your band-mates…they become your family. It means being able to do things on the run, being able eat what is put in front of you and being able to sleep in nearly any situation. It’s not glamorous and it’s not easy.

The lovely and amazing folks I have met on the road are ridiculously inspiring to me. They do this because they love it. I have been so fortunate to share this and to photograph this. It’s the moments no one ever sees when they go to a show that I love so much. The day to day and the hour to hour of life on the road. The photos collected here are a reflection of this life. “As the Road is Long” is the story of many bands and the experiences that connect them as they put into the world their amazing art. Enjoy.”      -Sarah Law

Photography by: Amanda Tipton