1910 — Cut From The Same Cloth

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A collaborative project by Schoph + Jamie Lynn

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Exhibition: January 31st- March 2nd, 2019

“Cut From the Same Cloth” – (idiomatic, of two or more persons or things, Very similar; possessing many of the same fundamental characteristics)

An art show brought to you by 1910 – the collaborative works of Jamie M. Lynn and Schoph Schofield.

Working together under the name 1910, Schoph and Jamie bring a showcase selection of the past years works .The collaborative work of the pair go hand in hand and together, or apart, they have one of the most recognizable styles in the snow industry today.

Through all the creative material being forged on the daily, Jamie Lynn strikes a chord throughout the industry. His legendary status and decades working alongside Lib Tech, Vans, Volcom and Dragon has produced some of the most iconic / famed artworks in the snow world. Inspiring and laying down a path for generations to come.

Over the past few years Jamie teamed up with close friend and renowned global artist Schoph. Yorkshire, UK born, a polarizing figure in the snow and skate scene and today is more influential for the snowboard art community than just about any other artist out there, curating group shows bringing industry artists together, along with producing years of work for mutual long standing benefactors Lib Tech, Vans , Volcom, and Dragon to name a few.

Schoph’s distinct bold style compliments Lynn’s as they go back and forth. The two are equal parts creative as they are elusive and mystifying, an unstoppable force where their works are concerned.

Together they are 1910, two mates having a good time all the time, showcasing creativity and having an opportunity to share the good times through artistic endeavors to like-minded individuals. They both welcome you to “Cut from the same cloth”, a selection of works of originals and print”.

Photo Credit – Amanda Tipton Photography