Young Readers is in fact a fairly new and growing band. With less than a year under their belts, Young Readers have played at SXSW, FreeTulsa Music Festival, and have toured all the way up the East Coast to play at The Kahbang Music Festival in Maine with bands like Deftones, Bassnectar, Wale, and Now, Now. Young Readers have been selected to play at NXNE 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Their debut EP Family Trees has been praised nationally and in other parts of the world as "honest and heartfelt" and was included in "The Top Ten Best Local Albums of 2012" (The Oklahoma Gazette) as well as other great end-of-the-year lists. However, Young Readers probably owe half of their rising popularity to the interactive packaging of the EP. Each physical copy is printed on construction paper and comes with an individual box of crayons, allowing the listener to color the album artwork the way they see fit or rack their brains on the 22 bank word search on the back. The future is looking very promising and Young Readers hope to add more warm welcomes to their hearts as they continue to tour at every opportunity.