Oh, Starling is made up of Denver indie musicians Dan Craig and Jessica Sonner, who also happen to be husband and wife. Together, they make amazing music of the Christmas persuasion with a unique spin and warm the hearts of believers and non-believers everywhere. Their voices were made to sing these songs- together.

Welcome the season with Oh, Starling....
“This Denver-based husband-and-wife indie duo takes five classic Christmas songs and imbues them with a mellow, almost wistful vibe.” – IndieSpotting.com

“Sonner and Craig infused these well-worn tunes with just the right balance of wide-eyed sincerity and jaded melancholy, giving them a new life for Scrooges like me.” – Eryc Eyl, Reverb

"Oh Starling without question is the first Christmas Album that I unwrap this time of year to get me in the mood. Jess & Dan's creation of these Christmas classics is timeless & fearless; the original writers of each of these songs would be happy to know that their masterpieces are being interpreted in such a meaningful way." Art Heffron | Photographer & Founder of Strings & Wood Concerts

"If you get bored with the same old Christmas songs performed in the same old worn-out way then Oh, Starling's fresh take on the holiday standards will leave you wanting more." - Mike Sares (Scum of the Earth Church)

Link Love: http://www.ohstarling.com