Jaimie Gershen and Doug Spencer

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Jaimie Gershen and Douglas Spencer

Exhibition: May 7th – June 4th, 2016

Opening Reception: May 7th, 2016. 7 – 10 pm

Artists Bio:

Jaimie Gershen is an artist living in Denver with a background in printmaking, though her current focus is on embroidery, pen drawing, and found objects. Jaimie works in ink, fabric, thread, gold leaf, and found photographs, matches, and book pages. She likes to play with matches and hide secret messages. Prior, she has had a solo exhibition at Indy Ink Gallery and work on view at Ironwood.

Douglas Spencer is an artist living in Denver working with a variety of mediums; using smoke on glass, gold, mirrors, paint, glow in the dark paint, glitter, and found photographs and objects.This will be his first gallery exhibitions, and prior, has had work on view at Ironwood as well.

Both Jaimie and Douglas have had several pop-up shows in alternative gallery spaces across Colorado, but this is the first gallery exhibition for both artists, as well as their first time collaborating.

To see more work, follow Jaimie or Doug on Instagram. 

Artist Statement:

You can hide down in the alley

With your hat pulled over your eye

You can wear a wig or moustache

Or any old disguise

Well, you can change your name and your address

Even change your style of clothes

But the Shadow knows

The Shadow knows

– The Coasters “The Shadow Knows” (1958)

Not all ghosts are meant to haunt and shadows never rest. We’ve built a home for the lightness and the darkness to get some R&R; an un-haunted house for the un-seen to rest in peace.