Glowing House is a Denver-based folk-rock band piloted by husband-and-wife duo Steve Varney and Jess Parsons. The band makes thoughtful, intricate and fun music, which has led to blogs and publications using phrases like “hauntingly-hopeful” and “raw beauty” to describe their sound. Settled in a firm belief that songs are awesome, Glowing House writes records, and performs unique music that will stay on your mind.

“We like sad songs that sound happy and happy songs that sound sad.”  – Jess Parsons

“I know we’re a married folk duo, but you won’t hear a bunch of love songs. Love songs tend to suck.”  – Steve Varney

Michael John McKee – drums
Neil McCormick – bass
Phil Parker – cello
Jess Parsons – vocals, keyboard, accordion
Steve Varney – vocals, guitar, banjo

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