Georgann Low is an international singer and artist who entertains with a unique mixture of songs drawn from jazz classics, French chansons, as well as her own earthy shuffles and Blues. It's all there in her interpretation of the spirit of the song. The warmth of her voice and her strong sense of theatre draw the audience into the very heart of musical performance making the observer a partner in the creativity of each moment.

Georgann’s first artistic awakening was in 1960’s California, where she was musically formed while spending time socially and in studio sessions in the company of classic American bands such as Neil Young and Crazy Horse, The Band, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and The Rockets. Since then, she has had the honor of performing and learning from international players. From bars of the Rocky Mountains, to Mississippi juke joints, from cabarets to headlining in country French chateaus, Georgann’s diverse musical experience and natural gift of deep expression comes through. Relix Magazine praises Georgann for her “quirky and rather excellent lyrics and seductive vocals” which create “catchy material that deserves the label of unique” (Relix). 

In Denver Georgann has been heard most recently at Dazzle, the Alliance Francaise, Parallel 17, Burnsley Hotel's Media Room, Trios Enoteca and Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret.  She also performs in Paris and in festivals and nightclubs throughout southwest France where she is known as “JazzBunny”. Georgann's CDs include “The Island”, “Enchante” and the soon-to-be-released “Les Progrès de l’Amour”. 

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