From Westword, by Tom Murphy: 

On songs like "Honey Wine," from If by Fire, Eye & the Arrow's latest effort, Paul Dehaven's vocal cadence and the synthesis of sounds created by the band evoke the country-blues rock of the Grateful Dead on albums like Workingman's Dead. But as Fire progresses, the music more closely resembles that of the Meat Puppets on their second album — not countrified psychedelia so much as psychedelicized country rock. But this is no mere throwback or imitation of a bygone era. The tastefully intricate guitar solo in the middle of "Wild Buffalo" fits elegantly into the tune's overarching melody and structure, revealing an impressive attention to detail and songcraft. Likewise, the sense of movement in "Stutterbeat," which is accented by breaks in the rhythm and interludes of guitar filigree, suggests a peaceful returning home.