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Expertly Paired - New Paintings by Ramiro Smith Estrada

Leon Gallery is proud to welcome artist Ramiro Smith Estrada (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for his first solo exhibition in Denver, Colorado. 

"Estrada’s portraits focus on, as he claims, the “contemporary construction of ‘self-image’.” ...Estrada reconsiders the self in an era dominated by social media and, to his mind, “narcissism, the consumption of ‘cool’ culture, and the glorification of the mediocre. To do so, Estrada strips his figures of most physical features, replacing them with floral-patterns that circumspectly traffic in tired tropes of beauty. If postmodernity collapsed a subject’s depth into surface, then the era of social media has provided us with the ability to erase our biologically-given surfaces in favor of an ornamental veneer. As such, Estrada’s portraits extend the Ashberian logic of the self to its conceptual limit. Call it, if you will, unselfing through hyper-surfacing." - Joshua Ware


Saturday, June 29th 7pm - 11pm

*All exhibitions are FREE and open to the public.


June 29th - August 10th, 2019


Wed-Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm