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DECA w/ special guests: FelixFast4ward & DeeJay Tense

Deca is a NY based rapper, producer, and visual artist originally from Denver, CO. He mixes personal writing with urgent global themes revealing fundamental struggles with human existence. Catch Deca on Spotify, BandCamp, and YouTube

FelixFast4ward is a multi-Instrumentalist/vocalist/sound painter. Using various instruments and sample based loops Felix Fast4ward reinvents the "One-Man Band" format and creates uniquely lush and soulful compositions. His musical training is directly attributed to his tenure as a scratch dj in his early 20s, as equally from an eclectic record collection from his parents who immigrated to the United States from Nigeria. Grab a ticket into the musical mind and ears of FelixFast4ward ! Catch FelixFast4ward on SoundCloud and YouTube

Catch DeeJay Tense on Soundcloud

$10 Donation at the door