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Deca + Felix Fast4ward + Stay Tuned Live at Leon

Join us as we welcome back Deca and Felix Fast4ward to the stage, with special guest Stay Tuned at Leon. 

Doors at 8:00pm

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About our musicians:


Deca makes use of an experimental style as a doorway to a stylistic everchanging evolution and not as a goal in itself. Great inventor of oneiric charms, he was at first inspired by the cosmic school and later he created his personal alchemy of tradition and innovation, blending natural and synthetic sounds. He has found inspiration in different musical genres but always remaining elusively versatile, so as not to be easily identified in one particular style.

He is an eclectic performer, his music ranges from pure electronic to a minimalist pianist-oriented style, but he doesn't like to follow trends, he rather changes continuously following his own path and tries to avoid the mainstream. A path which began in predictable ways (descriptive music, techno-pop) and then led him to compose the more complex and cryptic, obscure concept-albums he has since produced. Famous music critics and musicians appreciate some Deca's works as important chapters of electronic sound evolution, putting titles as "Simbionte" inside the gotha of contemporary avantgarde artists.

One of his recognized peculiarities is a great mastery of the sound: in his compositions he creates and works, almost with a manic care, on the tones and he often ends up with embryonic ideas for other future albums. He often has been defined as a sound alchemist.

He has been part of the international electronic and industrial scenes for twenty years now, but he has always preferred to make editorial choices without compromising his individuality in the slightest, with a limited production of records addressed to an audience of lovers and collectors and a distribution reduced to specialized routes. He has also contributed to other projects as well, involving himself in different artistic fields: for example in theatre, cinema, multimedia, even to ballet and giving shape to his personal research into the contamination of the genres.

He has an MA degree and one in geography, he studied classical piano for long years and has become quite versatile with the synthesizer in the studio as well as on stage.

Felix Fast4ward:

Felix Ayodele aka Felix Fast4ward Born in Evanston, Illinois March 12th 1982. Moving to Houston,TX in the early 90's the Illinois native began to displayed an interest in art and music, after seeing "The 1998 Technics DMC US Finals" on vhs. He began putting together "battle routines" he developed & competed using vinyl scratching and unique composition techniques. With records handed down to him from his parents (who both Immigrated to the U.S. from Nigerian) he was indirectly furnished with a wealth of music education, these records would be cleverly injected into his creation process. The records & people that were around him would also influence the traditional musician within, from prog-rock records ranging from Yes, King Crimson, Camel to Afrobeat Music: Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti down to jazz hero's from Sun-Ra to Ornette Coleman, all serendipitously creating a recipe for the modern producer/musician.

Enter Felix Fast4ward: Turntablist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocalist. Along side intense turntable technique and musical intuition coupled with juxtaposing obscure records that seemingly do not fit together Fast4ward creates lush & soulfully Imaginative improvised compositions. Using a Looper and various other instruments ie. flute,guitar,harmonica,melodica,and keyboards, and topping it off with his voice (both singing and rapping) Felix Fast4ward reinvents the "One-Man Band" format and creates a whole new framework allowing the audience to get to influence & see his music being created piece by piece. With a quirky and unique blend of avant-pop sensibilities and a wildly vivid musical pallet to draw from, Felix Fast4ward delivers to you a rare breed of contemporary artistry and musicianship.

Stay Tuned: 

In an internet age where information is coming to us at light speed, how does one bridge the gap between real life and our pixelated version? Stay Tuned to find out.
One of the few live acts to successfully marry the concept of Audio and Visual -
and quite possibly the only live Hip-Hop act to do so - Stay Tuned was the most
fitting name for the outfit, based initially on their love for all "sub-genres" of Hip-Hop and music as a whole, and the influence those styles have had on them. This was first reflected in the recorded music made, taking Boom-Bap, Dubstep/Electro, Hardcore, Downtempo...righteously, whatever moved them at the moment, and crafting live sets as such. Boston MC, Akrobatik pointed out to the duo that he admired how they'd bounce around sonically in their live sets, which was also metaphoric for the ups and downs that were faced in the industry itself. The light bulb flashed. MC Mane Rok figured "Stay Tuned" would perfectly describe the musical path taken-of which grew when the live set coupled itself with the visual portion, leaving the group's then DJ-DeeJay Tense- as the program director controlling a live video feed with his turntables. This continued to grow and began to come full circle, influencing how overall ideas and themes for albums came to fruition. The first being the fictional story of a serial killer (with an underlying theme questioning media practices) in the form of "Murder He Wrote: A Love Story."

The Stay Tuned moniker would allow the group to have interchangeable parts. Akin to the idea of channel surfing, letting them invite special guest performers,
making each show unique. The channel surfing idea has come to full bloom in their self titled EP released (1/24/15 simply take a listen to understand), which was also the official introduction of the groups new DJ, DJ AWHAT!!! (formerly of The Pirate Signal,) as well as the first official track including MC Ichiban, and the change itself begs the listener to...well...Stay Tuned.