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Memories of Earth Opening Reception by BAGBAYSHA

Memories of Earth


Opening Reception: October 6th 7pm-11pm

Closing Reception: November 9th, 2018 6pm - 11pm

Exhibition: October 6th - November 10th, 2018

A collaborative project by Chris Bagley, Koko Bayer, and Thomas Scharfenberg

This fall, Leon Gallery will host a multi-sensory experience from Denver artists, BAGBAYSHA (Chris Bagley, Koko Bayer, Thomas Scharfenberg). Leon will be transformed in a site-specific installation, presenting viewers with souvenirs of earth, which remind the viewer of life's many small wonders. This will be the third site-specific installment for the artists, a group known for their nutritious visual flavor of color and patterns, utilizing sound-collage, wheat paste, video, found materials, projections, and murals.


Koko Bayer
Visual artist, filmmaker and photographer based in Denver Colorado. She is currently assembling head+heart+hand a documentary exploring Herbert Bayer’s art. The film uses Bayer’s theories on visual communication to explore his diverse and fascinating work.  

Koko’s visual art focuses on outdoor installations using mechanically reproduced images which are subsequently documented with still and moving images.  Her current project, “Temporary Structures” is a collaboration with grandfather Herbert Bayer’s work with the goal of educating viewers while personally delving deeper into the work through remixing and manipulation. 

Chris Bagley
With an eye on culture's periphery, artist, and filmmaker Chris Bagley melds light and color to produce dreamy op art inspired visual scapes. 

Appreciation for "Wesley Willis's Joyrides", a 2008 documentary film about the revered Chicago cult musician and street artist, won co-director Bagley the Chicago International Film Festival's prestigious Gold Hugo. Chris was featured as one of Westword's 100 Colorado Creatives. Bagley's works have been shown on the distinguished walls of the Clyfford Still Museum as well as at Rule Gallery, Redline Gallery, Pirate:Contemporary Art, The Maven Hotel, Arvada Center and Rhinoceropolis.

Bagley's video work includes "Fringe Art of the Front Range" displayed at Denver International Airport, a Colorado Public Television short featuring Denver's roadside attraction restaurant Casa Bonita, and disco ball, refracted, colorful, light-infused music videos for underground rap group, Wheelchair Sport's Camp.

In the art installations "Interactive Infinity Loop", "Moving Mona" and the "World Builder" series, colorful, mirror-image projections and backlit, lenticular prints are a kaleidoscopic impression of reality, bordering on the hallucinogenic.  

Thomas Scharfenberg
The work I do is mixed-surface painting, color-coating, and patterning. Surfaces range in scale/size, from hand-held pebbles to exterior walls hundreds of feet in dimension. Color application plays with, inverts, contrasts existing color systems and smiles upon random chance happenings. Pattern recipes include everything from organic, soft, drips, splats and dots to hard-edged, geometric, circles, shapes and implied forms. 

To ascribe a subject to the work, I find it helpful to parallel/compare a composition of classical music or well-prepared meal. All are arrangements of various "elements,"(be it notes, sounds, tones, pitches to the ear, sweets, spices, meats or veggies to the tummy,or lights and colors, to the eye) making a final "product" that is a tasteful combination and balance of mixed flavors. These painted surfaces are a way to share numerous and exotic salad blends of hidden and existing energy systems using patterns and colors as self-expressed, symbols.