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Rebecca Gates + Ben Hanna Live at Leon!

Two Legends, hailing from Oregon and Boulder, are coming together at Leon on August 15th to bring you an evening of fresh music, exploring all that is to offer in contemporary sound. 

Doors at 8pm.

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About Rebecca Gates:

Rebecca Gates is an Oregon based musician, artist, curator, and activist. She has toured and released albums internationally, both under her own name and as leaders of The Spinanes (SubPop), and appeared on recordings by a range of artists including Willie Nelson, Elliott Smith, Akito Katayose, and The Decemberists. Her programs and work relating to issues of sound and space, listening, and artist’s roles in their communities have been hosted by PS1, Mass MOCA, WFMU’s Radiovision Festival, PICA Symposium, The Museum of Contemporary Craft, New York University and galleries in the United States and Europe. Gates is currently working on the follow up to 2012's "The Float" and is launching the Suited Lady Podcast in August 2015.

"Whether folding Memphis R&B into slacker bedroom laments or post-rock abstractions into catchy pop, she nails the ennui of lovesick transitions and physical displacements with a marksman’s aim. And she might just possess the sexiest voice in rock.” – Entertainment Weekly

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About Ben Hanna:

The opening lines of Ben Hanna’s first album “We Were All Like Whatever” will quickly bend your ear in a strange and unusual way. Hanna writes “I’m a pretty funny guy but I’m not hilarious/ I don’t make a lot of sense but I’m not mystarious/ and sometimes I just stare… I just stare at the wall”. Rhyming hilarious with mysterious is a small but insightful detail into Hanna’s distinctive approach to songwriting. The cadence is unusual the sentiment ranges from blah to snarling emotional poignance, and his references are relevant but fairly new to song writing; ranging from social media, to modern romance and unusual vice. Hanna is set to go back in the studio July of 2015 to produce his next album, but perhaps even more compelling are his live performances, be it solo or with his band, Ben Hanna and the Knighthawks. 

“The dude’s quirky as hell, and he’s got this deadpan talk-singing thing going on that’s part Lou Reed and part John Prine, with a little bit of Johnathan Richman tossed in.” Hanna describes his music as a barrage of things, from “kids songs for adults” to “musical cartoons” and “punchy folk”. -Jon Solomon (Westword Magazine)

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