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Sister Grotto + Of Earth and Sun + Stephen Molyneux Live at Leon

Leon continues to bring you the best special music events in Denver starting with Sister Grotto, Of Earth and Sun, and Stephen Molyneux. Stephen Molyneux is celebrating the release of his new album: The Shape of Clouds to Come

Doors: 8pm

Pre-sale discounted tickets available at:

Suggested donation at the door: $7

Stephen Molyneux: 

Stephen Molyneux is a solo experimental American outsider folk artist. Member of Horsehair Everywhere, Poet Named Revolver, & Gigantic Blonde Boy. Co-founder of No Kings Record Cadre. His work is comprised from the influences, field recordings, photographs, and found instruments from travel in Central America and Southeast Asia. Molyneux's first solo show and release were in 2010, while living in Thailand, amid Bangkok’s burgeoning noise scene and violent unrest. Born in northwest Ohio, at 14 his family moved to middle Tennessee where he would become a staple of its experimental music scene. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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Sister Grotto:

Sister Grotto is the moniker of Denver musician Madeline Johnston. She creates loops and ambient textures using delayed instruments and voice, homemade sound objects, and found tape samples. Grotto’s soundscapes are often minimal, using simple instrumentation accompanied by sparse vocals to make delicate, almost mantra-like, anthems for the human condition.

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Of Earth and Sun:

Of Earth And Sun's music can be considered ‘ritual drone’, ‘dark ambient’, and 'occult psychedelia'; and has elements of noise, improvisation, and electronic music, with industrial and experimental sound aesthetics. Live performances are theatrical and captivating; ‘walls of sound’, heavy laden with drones, live loops, bone horns, and low haunting vocals, which envelop the audience members. The performances are a means to captivate, deepen the listener’s experience, and create altered states of consciousness, and to viscerally affect the listener's body and brain. The overall sound of the bones and vocals become intense saturated layered drones steeped in delay and distortion, with heavy bass drum loops, which create vibratory effects within self/others and the venue itself.

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