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KURTVEE and An Awkward Photograph Live at Leon!

KURTVEE and an Awkward Photograph Live at Leon

Doors: 8pm

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Sometimes rowdy and mostly unfounded arrogance with a pretentious after taste, KURTVEE is unlike anything you have ever heard of... provided you haven't been listening to all that much lately.

Starting in 2012, amid clearing smoke & volcanic debris, Kurtis Mikhael Viers (formerly Jon found Jesus, Our American Cousin) began to tippy-toe through what would become a new solo venture. After much experimentation and discovery, the live performances have included a wide array of accompanists & contributors to help cut through the unfortunate pretense. 

KURTVEE in its most recent form includes percussionist and other noise creator, Drew McClellan (Gravity Tapes, Grammar School, Screwtape Zombies) who brings with him his usual take of bare boned effort with crusty tube amp & an analog perspective in tow. 

KURTVEE is a human being & a rock band & full-time pedestrian from the Middle west United states. An artist speaking in mixed metaphors and maybe making it up as he goes. With released works including Gutbucket Etiquette LP (studio full length 2013) & CLICHEsings EP (LoFi one-take session 2014)which is available out in the digital everywhere for anyone anytime. Despite teh success of these two albums, KURTVEE's main focus and beauty is always on the live presentation. 

"coffee shop friendly strumming this is not; it is urgent & immediate..."

About An Awkward Photograph

An Awkward Photograph is teh solo project of guitarist and vocalist Jason Lance Butler (Rusty Harrows, Dumb Angels). An Awkward Photograph is full of droning, reverberated fingerpicking and bright, rhythmic strumming which align with poignant, questioning lyrics in a largely acoustic delivery. These songs are crafted through self experiences, which cut sarp and lay soft. The aim is to connect with the listener and collaborate in a genuine experience.