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Denver Broncos UK Live at Leon

Join us for a performance by Munly Munly, Slim Cessna, Lord Dwight Pentacost, and Rebecca Vera. Gary Isaacs has worked closely with DBUK, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Munly and the Luprechalians and the show will celebrate their music and art together.

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In Munly J. Munly's own words he describes his relationship with the band and his inevitable relationship with photographer Gary Isaacs...

     I was asked to write a biography about DBUK, I have been thinking on it quite a bit and find that I am unable to do so, mostly because I am in the band. I wrote Eric at LEON and asked for a bit more direction, he said, ‘you know, just something about you and the band and your relationship with Gary.’ Well sure, I can write about me – Munly J Munly –…and the other stuff. The best way to do that is to stick with the facts, DBUK is a band consisting of myself, Munly J Munly, and I think three others. It is based around my dexterous instrument manipulation, and my multi-leveled, insightful, groundbreaking words. Some have said genius, but I would feel somewhat awkward writing that about myself. I imagine that it is extremely difficult for the other three to be in a band with me. When I enter a room I consistently see them shake their heads in frustration and despair, obviously feeling inadequate at my state of perfection. I try to play it off and raise their esteem, which is a tough task given their many failings. Yet, just as I begin to lift their miserable spirits and they can seem to endure my presence once again, Gary comes around and wants to do a show with me…us…but really me – Munly. I say ‘yes that would be great, but maybe you shouldn’t do any pictures of me, I don’t want the other three to feel any worse.’ So Gary, apparently predicting my modesty said, ‘uhh…yeah sure…um, I’ve always wanted to do a series on the Lion’s Lair…something something’, I started to zone out here, reflecting on what a generous gesture I had made. You see it would be an insurmountable task for theirs, yours, or anyone’s ego to overcome at having to view my greatness in irrefutable photographic proof of perfection.

   So, Gary went ahead with his backup plan concerning images of the Lion’s Lair. And they are good…some might say genius. However, I would say his true genius lies in our unspoken agreement of not showering the world with my unblemished consummate completeness. If you look at all the images Gary has released of me you will easily be able to identify a spurious manufactured fallacy. Be it a score of freckles where there are none, maybe a manipulation of the light to double my chin, invoking me to tilt my head so the hairline appears to recede.

   And that is sticking to the facts, I give Gary this to work with, and yet he can make me appear the way I do in his images. Some might call that genius. 

Munly J Munly 32nd°

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