B assist/composer CJ Boyd uses bass, voice, and loops in order to try and stop time. Oceans of sound become naked, lonely melodies become something not yet determined.
S ince March 2008, this low-end vagabond has been on a perpetual tour throughout North America and Europe. On his native soil he travels by way of the Jambulance, a repurposed ambulance that has been converted to run on vegetable oil. In Europe, trains, buses, ferries, planes, and occasional car have been his steeds.
T hough solo recording and performance take up the bulk of his time and effort, he also plays in the following active projects:
Kurva Choir (Anchorage, AK / St. Louis, MO)
Cairo (Rochester, NY)
Rhonya (Brussels, Belgium)
Move (Austin, TX)
Ways to Walk (Stockholm, Sweden)
Shy Hunters (Brooklyn, NY)

H e frequently improvises with musicians from all over the place, and has recorded with Sandro Perri in Toronto, Chris Schlarb in Long Beach, DMA in Indianapolis, Danny Grody in San Francisco, and many others. In addition to touring non-stop year-round, C.J. runs the music label Obsolete Media Objects.