Chimney Choir skillfully interweaves genres resulting in a “folk meets world music sound, steeped in psychedelia” (Concerted Efforts).  All multi-instrumentalists, writers and singers -  Kevin Larkin, David Rynhart and Kris Drickey change instruments (sometimes within a song) and sing in three-part harmony all while balancing field recordings and computer synths with traditional acoustic instrumentation.  Percussionist Carl Sorensen rounds out the sound with his junkyard kit comprised of homemade shakers, wine bottles, a bike wheel, and trash can lids.  

The band came together in late 2010 after booking an impromptu tour in the Deep South.  There was an instant natural synergy and a few months later they released their first two EPs - (feather) and (turtle).   The songs were recorded in an architectural antique warehouse which hints at the unique character of their sound.  In early 2012, Chimney Choir recorded a live album, (ladder), in front of small audience of family and friends in a pipe organ chapel.  The album captures their live performance energy tied together with surreal sound collages made from banter and found sounds throughout the show.

 This spring they are releasing their first studio album, (compass) through a series of monthly theatrical performances at a small art gallery in Denver.  Chimney Choir tours extensively across the US and in Europe, and has shared the stage with The Lumineers, David Wax Museum, Paper Bird, Pokey LaFarge.