The Alexander Raab School of Music calls for the resurgence of renaissance women and men. An objective awareness of personal style allows for students to push beyond their ideas of what is "correct" and explore new qualities in expression. Through this exploration, students learn to create their desired form of beauty and shape its sound. Through an atypical music teaching practice of classical instruments this call is being actively answered with young musicians.

Students Performing and Years of Experience

Kirstie Ko - 4.5 years
Noah Hankin - 1.5 years
Jacob Hankin - 3+ years
Raven Michael - 8 months
Elena Jauregui - 10 months
Isabella Mendoza - 1.5 years

With special accompaniment by Alexander Raab

This showcase of students presents the qualities and ethics behind the music of teaching and practices. A unique look into the critical and mathematical thought process and mental development through music. 

The Alexander Raab Music School is an alternative perspective of teaching and the expectation of the youth's capabilities.